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Turn around and say good morning to the night.

28 April
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UNTiL 31122006
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2nd hand/ 60's/70's/ aftershowparties/ almost famous/ backstageeingänge/ bandwatching/ bass guitars/ being uncool/ britrock/ chocolate/ cockney accent/ daydreamer/ die lauteste sauna deutschlands/ diese kinder/ drums/ dying to be alive/ ebay/ ecken/ england/ evian/ fast forward/ fotos/ fredfrisuren/ gay bar/ gifflar/ glamrock/ guitars/ guitargods/ h&m/ having a nice 'n' warm shower/ hamburg/ hurricane festival/ ikea/ internet/ kapuzenpullover/ klippoteket/ konzertberichte/ konzerte/ konzerttoiletten/ küchenmeetings/ livejournal/ meanie bar/ mic.sharing/ milkshake/ molotow/ motorbooty!/ musicjournalism/ musik/ musikexpress/ myspace/ nite/ rainy days/ record stores/ red bull/ red morning light/ reeperbahn/ rock city wankers/ rock'n'roll/ rockpalast/ rough trade records/ schweden/ schwedenpop/ skinny fucker/ sleepin'/ soloalbum/ springtime/ st.pauli/ strongbow/ sunsets/ the past/ tracks/ vinyls/ vodka lemon/ weltbühne

show offs. copycats.

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1ooo robota, adam green, albert hammond jr., anajo, art brut, babyshambles, be your own pet, beatsteaks, ben kweller, billy talent, black wire, blackbud, bloc party, bright eyes, broder daniel, bromheads jacket, butterfly bangs, cat power, chick habit, chikinki, cyhsy, death cab for cutie, death from above 1979, diamond nights, dirty pretty things, dogs, dover, dustin's bar mitzvah, elefants, elias and the wizzkids, elliott smith, every move a picture, five o'clock heroes, five! fast!! hits!!!, franz ferdinand, giant drag, good books, graham coxon, hanoi rocks, hanson, help she can't swim, hot hot heat, hushpuppies, interpol, jamie t., johnossi, jolly goods, joni mitchell, juliette & the licks, justin balk, kaiser chiefs, kent, kimya dawson, kings of leon, klaxons, ladyfuzz, le tigre, lou reed, louie, ludes, madsen, mando diao, marfa, marr, maxïmo park, me, melody club, mit, molotov jive, nada surf, neils children, nine black alps, nirvana, nova international, oasis, one two three four, only son, placebo, rancid, razorlight, regina spektor, richard ashcroft, roman fischer, ron sexsmith, saalschutz, shout out louds, small faces, smashing pumpkins, sportfreunde stiller, sugarplum fairy, t(i)nc, test icicles, the ark, the automatic, the beatles, the bishops, the bridge gang, the buzzcocks, the chalets, the clash, the coral, the cribs, the dandy warhols, the dead 60s, the doors, the gnomes, the hives, the horrors, the kbc, the kinks, the legends, the libertines, the long blondes, the maccabees, the moldy peaches, the monotypes, the mooney suzuki, the needs, the on offs, the organ, the others, the paddingtons, the pipettes, the rakes, the ramones, the redwalls, the rifles, the rotters, the smiths, the sonics, the sounds, the streets, the strokes, the sunshine underground, the thermals, the velvet underground, the verve, the view, the vines, the white stripes, timo räisänen, tocotronic, tomte, towers of london, violent femmes, we smoke fags, wolfmother, yeah yeah yeahs, yerba, yeti